Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rivendell's a Wrap!

Done. I love the finished sweater. It's exactly what I had envisioned. At first I really wanted the Waterslide color (turquoise), but I think I prefer this color now.

If I were willing to re-do the sleeves (which I'm not), I'd pick up a few more stitches under the arms when starting the sleeves. There's a bit of pull across the chest because I picked up so few (9, I think). Live and learn!

I'll tell you what, I didn’t enjoy weaving in the ends on the backside of a p2 x k1tbl ribbed item. I tried to keep the joins in places that wouldn’t be seen much.

The weather was really beautiful this morning so the photo session got a little hot, even though this is a fairly lightweight sweater. Not surprising, I suppose, because of the wool content. I’m actually glad because it’ll keep me warm at the office (aka Ice Station Zebra).

KnitPicks seems to have discontinued this yarn (Risata) and I haven't found a good substitute. There are a couple of other stretchy cotton/wool sock yarns (Paton's Stretch Socks and Mary Maxim's Bounce), but neither have a good selection of solid colors. I'd love to know if anyone is aware of any similar yarns. Fixation doesn't work because it's more of a sport-weight.

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