Monday, March 21, 2011

More Rivendell

I’ve finished the body. It’s sooooo stretchy that it really didn’t require any shaping, but I threw in some increases toward the bottom to accommodate my own extreme angle in that area.

I’ve started the sleeves. The plan is to do the lower part of the sleeves bottom-up on size 0 needles. I’ll be doing the sleeves from both bottom and top to meet in the middle. It’s a tortured way to make a sleeve, but that bottom part is critical because that’s how this whole thing started. When I get past the Rivendell pattern I’ll stop and switch to working shoulder-down on size 4 needles, changing needle sizes as I go until I’m back at 0. Eventually I’ll graft where the two pieces meet.


  1. Oh, that is so beautiful! Why do you need to use size 0 needles for the cuffs?

  2. Because I used size 0 on the original socks and I just really fell in love with the way they fit on my arms. If I did them on 4s I think they'd be looser than I want.